Pastor in court over brutal assault on stepson

According to court documents, Khariseb (52) assaulted his stepson (16), whose name cannot be revealed because he is underage, on 15 June at his home by whipping him with a sjambok and beating him with fists and open hands with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The next day, on 16 June, the victim’s father, Lucky Brinkman, laid a charge of assault against Khariseb with the police.

Khariseb was arrested last Thursday evening.

On Friday, Brinkman did not oppose bail for Khariseb, provided that the pastor stays away from his son. Khariseb was subsequently granted bail of N$2 000, pending his next court appearance on 28 August.

The episode has shocked the Lutheran community, with fellow ministers refusing to comment on the matter yesterday. According to a source close to the family, the boy, who is a Grade 10 pupil, apparently came home late on the evening of 15 June, and was confronted by his mother and stepfather, Khariseb, on why he was returning home so late.

“There was a quarrel between the teenager and his mother because he had come home late. Later on, Khariseb joined the fray and started assaulting the boy,” said the source. The source added that during the assault, Khariseb allegedly broke the teen’s nose after punching him, as well as almost dislocating his jaw. The teen was taken to the Katutura Intermediate Hospital the following day to be treated for his wounds. “This is a pastor, who has badly assaulted a minor. The boy had ugly bruises all over his body, and was bleeding from the nose as well as the open wounds,” said the source.

The source also claimed that Khariseb was often aggressive towards the boy and his older brother, who both live with him and his wife. Attempts to get comment from Khariseb were unsuccessful yesterday, while efforts to get comment from the ELCRN’s bishop, Ernst //Gamxamub, were also not responded to.


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