Conor McGregor doesn’t see why Floyd Mayweather hurling anti-gay slur at him is a big deal

LONDON – Conor McGregor was no stranger to inciting controversy during the world tour with Floyd Mayweather to promote their boxing match. On Friday, though, it was Mayweather’s turn.

One day after Mayweather took McGregor to task for using racially insensitive language in New York, Mayweather fired off an anti-gay slur at McGregor on the tour’s final stop in London.

“I actually didn’t even hear that,” McGregor told MMAjunkie backstage at SSE Arena Wembley.

Rather than drop the subject, McGregor proceeded to explain that he felt the use of the slur is no big deal.

“People are so touchy on words. It’s absolutely crazy,” McGregor said. “If he said that, I couldn’t give a (expletive). I think what he was trying to do was to switch it up and get the people back in his favor. I think it was a bit of a (expletive) move to try and instigate that on me.

“Everyone with a sane mind that is watching knows what way it is. It is what it is. Some dirty tactics out there, but that’s what to expect. The fight game is a ruthless business.”

Whether both men’s questionable choice of words on the four-city, three-country tour ultimately turns off potential buyers on the fence, that remains to be seen.

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